The market for nutraceuticals, supplements, and fortified foods is witnessing a significant surge in popularity, thereby increasing the demand for cutting-edge research and development in this field. As these products are closely associated with medical conditions, the safety and efficacy standards they are subjected to are held to the same rigorous level as pharmaceutical and food products. Nutraceuticals, in particular, are available in various forms, including soft gel caps, tablets, capsules, tea bags, and lotions, catering to diverse consumer preferences. To ensure the quality and safety of such products, we highly recommend fostering collaboration with accredited nutraceutical laboratories, such as those recognized by FSSAI, NABL, and CDSCO. These esteemed laboratories possess the necessary expertise and resources to conduct comprehensive tests on dietary supplements, functional foods, natural products, fortified products, and more.

By partnering with these reputable laboratories, businesses in the nutraceutical industry can confidently bring their products to market, assuring consumers of their safety and effectiveness. So, whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer in the nutraceuticals market, it is crucial to prioritize collaboration with accredited nutraceutical laboratories. Doing so will not only help ensure compliance with regulatory standards but also enhance trust among consumers, thereby propelling the growth of your business in this flourishing industry. These tests may include assessments of nutritional label claims, microbiology, minerals, heavy metals, fat content, alcohol content, product adulterants, functional and nutritional foods, vitamins, pesticides content, shelf-life studies, and others. You are just a step away to reach experienced service providers for all your analytical needs. Fill the request for quotation form, register yourself & let the system work for you to get requisite services

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