About Us

Service providers always aim to explore every possible opportunity in the market, but is it possible for them to come across all of them? The answer is "NO".
But now there is a solution with "The Solution Analytics". We have introduced a platform where service seekers can post their requirements and The Solution Analytics is committed to provide the best Testing Laboratories in India who are equipped with best Testing Equipment for Physical, Chemical, Electrical, Water testing etc. We shall provide you the best USFDA approved testing labs, FSSAI approved testing labs, AOAC methods testing labs, NABL approved testing labs, cosmetic product testing labs under single registration.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced business owner, you will find The Solution Analytics beneficial as you don't have to struggle anymore with multiple websites and inquiries. Simply post your request, and our experienced service providers will provide you with the best possible service. We aim to make this journey a global platform for all analytical solutions and look forward to experiencing this with you.

Vision Statement

Frequently Asked Questions

  • With which industry do we deal?

    Our company handles a range of industries including pharmaceuticals, food processing, nutraceuticals, agriculture, water and soil management, medical devices, packaging, electrical equipment, and environmental health and safety. Services to other sectors will be resumed shortly.

  • Is "thesolutionanalytics" a testing lab?

    Our platform functions solely as a means of communication between analytical service providers and service seekers. We do not engage in any form of analysis ourselves. We enable service providers to offer quotes based on the requirements registered by service seekers.

  • Is solution analytics part of negotiations?

    The Solution Analytics will not interfere in the communications & negotiations between a service seeker and a service provider. Additional services related to technical review are available. Please contact us for same on support@thesolutionanalytics.com

  • How the subscription model works?

    The subscription plan is available for different periods. Please refer the subscription section for further information. Currently, the portal is providing all its services without any cost.

  • Ready to start?

    Registration can be completed in less than a minute; simply click the link provided. Service Provider Registration
    Service Seeker Registration