Empowering your journey to optimal health with nutraceutical advantage

The term given in 1989 by Dr. Stephen DeFelice, “Nutraceuticals” is the new wave when it comes to the health awareness in today’s era. The global market for Nutraceutical Wellness products is more than USD 400 Bn with CAGR of aprox. 5% plus. In current scenario, the major population is not ready to compromise on their taste buds but still seeking effective ways to take control of their health. And if a pill before sleep can give that assurance, why not to go for it. Not only this but few of the researches also support the requirement where, more than 80% Indians are suffering from protein deficiency, 40% plus are Vitamin B12 deficient, 70% plus are deficient of Vitamin D. Moreover 40% plus people in India are suffering from overall nutritional deficiencies. So, it is so important to make the informed choices & incorporate these potent compounds into your lifestyle.
Do you know, Nutraceuticals term can’t be found in USFDA terminologies. Coz’ USFDA classifies all these products under dietary supplements to clearly distinguish among Drugs vs Supplements. Where the supplements fulfil the nutritional lacking, the drugs are designed to treat illness. In India, FSSAI also have well established guidelines for nutritional supplements, dietary supplements, functional foods, health supplements, and novel food products. It’s very important and recommended to refer the regulatory guidelines to validate the status being these information are dynamic.
The Nutraceutical Supplements encompass wide range of compounds including Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals, probiotics & prebiotics Where the drugs often target ailments, nutraceuticals are believed to offer broader benefits, promoting overall wellness & disease prevention.
No doubt, the well-balanced food diet containing, whole grains, fruits & vegetables, milk products, nuts, protein sources (meat or vegetarian sources) can give that requisite supply of antioxidants, Vitamins, minerals, Omega-3 Fatty Acids. But, are we able to manage these food habits? The new age lifestyle, working hours flexibility, 24/7 work out joints have changed the daily routines. Specifically, when people become more conscious about their weight, they make odd food choices & skip important foods from their diet without assessing the imbalance it will create in terms of supply of Minerals, Vitamins & Antioxidants. These approaches give more harm than benefits in longer run.
The best solution to it is to get support from Nutraceuticals supplements in your daily plan. While, Nutraceuticals hold promise for health & wellness, it’s important to note that their benefits are often context dependent and may vary from person to person. Consulting with a healthcare professional before incorporating nutraceutical supplements into one’s routine is crucial, especially for those with underlying health condition or taking prescription medications. Nutraceutical products uses are immense. Individual with nutritional deficiency can quickly address their problem with nutraceuticals such as Vitamin D for Bone health or Iron for preventing Anemia.
Another reason for Nutraceutical requirements is stability of these entities in food. The kind of cooking, storage condition & processing we give to our whole food has a major impact.

Whereas, the synthetic supplements offer a stable & consistent supply of nutrients ensuring that, the intended health benefits are maintained during shelf life of products. Moreover, it gives you the coverage from availability of particular foods or cost aspects of few fruits & vegetables. So, it can be considered as a complementary factor to diet pattern.
Nutraceuticals are available as synthetic dietary supplements and naturally extracted supplements. Generally, naturally extracted dietary supplements are considered to be more expensive due to labour intensive processes of extractions, low yields, availability/supply of raw materials, quality & purity of extract and more over the certifications like non-GMO. Whereas, the synthetic dietary supplements are designed in laboratory to mimic the natural active components and follow the same absorption patterns as the natural ones. Lot many factors goes in synthetic development of supplements like the research and development, manufacturing techniques, purity of compounds, dosage & data gathering of proven results by market surveillance. So, it is not necessary that, the synthetic supplements would always be cheaper.
Empowering your journey to optimal health with nutraceutical advantage is a transformative endeavour. By embracing the potential of these bioactive compounds, you are embracing a holistic science-driven approach to well-being. From supporting vital body function to prevent chronic diseases, nutraceuticals provide the tools to enhance your quality of life. But, never forget to consult the medical experts before going on supplements especially when you are on certain medications.
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Disclaimer: This is personal opinion and not a medical advice. All the information in this blog is informational. Advice users to consult a medical practitioner if they are seeking medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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